Your special living experience in Lisbon.


We provide you with all the conditions you may need to have the greatest stay in your new city. It will be like your home away from home. You just have to focus on being happy and successful, we take care of the rest.

Experience @ Students Corner

We designed an incredible living experience that will make you want to stay forever.

It’s not only the stylish apartments with all inclusive, but the community of like-minded people and a team that is always available to help you. We want to make your life easier and help you reach your full potential.


Premium services and a top-notch support team always glad to help.

We work every day to make you feel the most comfortable and supported, so the whole living experience is joyful, remarkable, and surprisingly easy at every moment of your stay. Besides all the services we provide you, we are always at the distance of a phone call to help you manage whatever problem that may arise.

Beautiful and functional spaces for you to relax, grow and enjoy your life.

It doesn’t matter your apartment or room type, the convenience and thoughtful design we bring to the table will save you time and a few headaches. As such, you can focus on getting your body and mind rested, on thriving in your student or professional career and also on exploring your new friendships.

A family spirit and a good vibe that you would not find anywhere else.

Almost 300 students and young professionals have lived in Students Corner in the past, and most of them keep a close contact with each other. The connections that are created within such special environments with special people are deep and long tasting. That sounds like a family, right?


What's included

Fully Furnished
Weekly Cleaning
Relevant Locations
Maintenance Services
Weekly Towels & Bed Linen Change
Electricity, Water, TV & Wi-Fi
Modern Decor In All Areas


Apartment XX

Campolide, Lisbon
  66 m2

Rooms from:


Apartment XXI

Campolide, Lisbon
  85 m2

Rooms from:


Apartment XXII

Campolide, Lisbon
  85 m2

Rooms from:


Our Locations


Alcântara       |       Anjos       |       Alvalade             Campolide


1. Who can live in Students Corner?

It is part of Students Corner’s positioning and policy to only accept university students or recently graduated young professionals, so as to ensure a youthful, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, in every apartment. Although we love pets, for the same reason, they are not allowed.

2. What’s included in my room price?

The price of your room includes the rent, all the bills (Electricity, Water, TV and Wi-Fi), a weekly cleaning service and a weekly change of your towels and bed linen. In addition, it includes recurring maintenance services.

3. What’s the minimum stay period?

The minimum stay in Students Corner is 5 months, which corresponds to a university semester. However, if you are coming to Lisbon for a shorter stay (like a summer school, intership or a work project, for instance) and we have available rooms for that period of time, an exception can be made.

4. Can I visit the apartment and the room before booking it?

Of course! We want you to be sure that we are exactly what you were looking for. Besides, we are thrilled to meet you and tell you more about the experience at Students Corner, in person. You can use the contact form to get in touch and let’s schedule the visit.

5. What does the kitchen include?

Our kitchens include all the necessary appliances (fridge, cooker, dish washer, coffee machine, etc.) and supplies (dishes, glasses, pots, etc.) for your daily life. We do not have washing machines in our apartments, but there is always a self-service laundry near by.

6. How do I book a room?

If you are excited about the opportunity to join Students Corner and you want to start your booking process, please get in touch with our team either through the contact form at the end of the page or by phone. You will discuss your preferences and the availability of the rooms you are interested in. If the room is available for your desired period of time, a visit will be scheduled (when possible). If you confirm we are everything you expected and more, you will be asked to fill out a registration form and pay a deposit.

7. What do I have to pay and when?

If you are accepted in Students Corner, you will have to pay a deposit to book the room. This deposit should be half the room price. In your check-in, you must pay the other half (so as to complete the final deposit – one monthly rent), as well as your first month rent.

8. Do the rooms accommodate two people?

Some of our apartments have double rooms that can either have a bunk bed or two beds, therefore accommodating two people. However, the beds are always individual.

9. What is the booking cancellation policy?

The first half of the deposit ensures that the room is booked until you check-in. Thus, a cancellation during that period implies losses for Students Corner. Consequently, we apply the following cancellation policy:

a) The half of the deposit is 100% refunded if you cancel your booking 30 or more days before your check-in date.

b) The half of the deposit is refunded by 50% if you cancel your booking with 7 or more days, but less than 30 days, before your check-in date.

c) The half of the deposit will not be refunded if you cancel your booking less than 7 days before your check-in date.

10. How is the payment done?

Payment is monthly and by bank transfer.

11. Is the deposit returned at the end of the stay?

Your deposit will be returned at the end of your stay under the following conditions, assuming that no damages from your stay were found:

a) The deposit will be fully refunded if notice of departure is made 30 or more days prior to your departure date from Students Corner. In this case, you will not pay the rent for the last month as the deposit will be used for that.

b) The deposit will be 50% refunded if the notice of departure is made 7 days or more, but less than 30 days prior to your departure date from Students Corner.

c) The deposit will not be refunded if the departure notice is made 7 or more days before your Students Corner departure date.



 What they have to say about it...


Moving to such a different city and so far from my hometown, I was lucky to be able to find a haven with Students Corner. It is a house where joy, mutual help and family spirit reign! In this house, I have all the conditions I need for my university experience to be everything I expect and more. I made friends and created bonds in less than a year, there is cooperation and happiness always on and, therefore, I know that, on a worse day, I can get home and feel the necessary security. SC became, without a doubt, my Lisbon family!

Raquel Paço

Psychology Student

Being 400km away from home, it was at Students Corner that I found a new home. From the beginning I was incredibly received, in a completely renovated and cozy apartment, which proved to be a perfect study space. My experience with Sudents Corner has been very good, as the whole team is careful to provide comfort to all students, which allows for a more peaceful academic life. It was the best choice I made on my search for a house in Lisbon!

Cátia Mendes Coelho

Medicine Student

Students Corner represents everything a university student dreams of having. It's much more than just sharing a completely fabulous apartment: it's family and union. It's sharing smiles and good and bad moments. Finding SC was crucial for me to adapt to a city that is not comparable to the one I was used to. I was lucky to stay in a home where good mood, understanding, help, and study (of course!) reigns. They allowed me to create, in such a short time, a family that I know I will take beyond my years of study.

Sara Camacho

Communication Student
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